Sahara Overland




Sahara Overland is our signature trip - taking you down the road less travelled to Timbuktu.

Next trip: Departing London 03 Jan 2016 or Fes, Morocco 07 Jan 2016 

This year we are offering:

Morocco + Mauritania + Mali

with an option to continue with a  journey across Mali by River Niger to Timbuktu and The Festival On The Niger.


Sahara Overland

    London to Bamako   03 Jan to  26 Jan 2016



Mali Festival On The Niger trip

27 Jan to 10-14 Feb

£2500 - £2950


Combine Sahara Overland with Mali Festival On The Niger trip 

(London to Bamako, Djenne, River Niger to Timbuktu, Dogon Country/Festival On The Niger)

03 Jan to 10 Feb  



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For the twelfth time of offering and the ninth year in a row, From Here 2 Timbuktu takes you across the Sahara to Mali. The road to Timbuktu is our home, and we would be delighted to welcome you in.

Departure point is London on 03 Jan 2016 or Fes Morocco on 07 Jan

From Fes we leave Arab Morocco and head for the Atlas mountains and Imilchil, a small town on the southern slopes of the middle Atlas, for our first encounter with the original Saharan people, the Berber.

We descend The Atlas to the Sahara and from here on to Bamako in Mali you will experience the landscapes and cultures with the people: the Saharwiri of the Moroccan desert, the Berber fishermen of the Atlantic coast, the black and white Moors of Mauritania. We pass through small villages, ancient towns and modern cities watching landscapes, colours, cultures and histories changing slowly until we are in black Africa for something entirely different, yet by now totally familiar, again.

What to expect

We are on a road trip from A to B with time for two or three diversions. There is  a tarmac road all the way.

We provide camping equipment and look after your needs when on the road, you take care of yourselves in restaurants and hotels.

There is no set itinerary though there is a plan that is adaptable, flexible and changeable at all times depending on our desires. It gets revised and tweaked according to democratic principles with a final decision lying with the From Here 2 Timbuktu designated chief, but remember, the African chief, like the African individual, is nothing without his people, his only duty for the well being of the community. If an itinerary is changed it is to make it better or more efficient or safer or easier.

We go as a group, traveling as fast as the slowest person can go. Our vehicle is king, even over the chief, and its needs dictate.

There will be a problem - a puncture, an issue with the car or on a border - but our experience and extensive network of contacts and friends throughout the journey will see us through.

There will be long journeys and hot days, coupled with cool nights in the open desert under the most incredible stars you may ever see.

Your mind may blow slightly.

Once we get to Mali we will drive straight to Bamako to pick up anyone arriving for the Festival On The Niger trip




Send me the itinerary for this journey

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A few days from grey, wet London and the begins to warm the heart.
The landscape is open, the light is bright.
The smells and colours and sounds exotic.
You are a world away before you’ve really got going...

Over the Atlas is the Sahara the greatest desert on earth - and Africa beyond!

Many worlds, two continents, one journey. You only live once!

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and Food

Hotel/guest house accommodation and restaurant food is not included on overland trips, but camping equipment and food is included. This allows you to be in control of your budget. 

Once joining the mali by River Niger and Festival On The Niger trip accommodation is included.


Standard 3 week journey

03 Jan to 26 Jan (London to Morocco to Bamako not including Mali trip): £2500

03 Jan to 10 Feb: (London to Morocco to Mali including river to Timbuktu and the Festival On The Niger trip): £3950


Next Trip

Departing Fes, Morocco 05 jan 2016

 This trip can be organised on bespoke basis for groups of 3+. Best times: All year, coolest November to Feb.

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