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on Wednesday, 12 September 2012 in General

Guy Lankester, founder of From Here 2 Timbuktu, originally deepened his passion for the African continent through extensive travel, during which time he took many photographs. This love of Africa culminated in the establishment of his exciting travel company as well as winning an award in the 2011 Photographer of the Year competition.

The original, highly memorable winning photo features a seated woman in front of a sewing machine, gazing out of a window. The category Guy entered it into was First Shot: Work, Rest and Play, which it reflects with great ambiguity. Guy says:

"This shot was taken in Ernestine’s tailor’s shop in Esu, Cameroon. Esu is where the seed of the idea behind From Here 2 Timbuktu was sown, a forgotten garden of Eden and the destination of my Kingdom At The End Of The Road trip.”

One of the striking features of the photo is the fact that a Coca Cola bottle stands on the table in this remote African village, refreshment which looks somewhat incongruous to Western eyes. Guy quips:
“I might sell it to Coca Cola. A cold Coke in a bottle in Africa has been, since my early childhood in Zimbabwe, one of my daily pleasures."

Guy originally started taking photos of Africa when he was 18 years old. From the start he was only interested in capturing the real spirit and essence of this fascinating land. He says:
"I went off and discovered real Africa, black Africa, an Africa with a human history stretching right back to the birth of man."

Guy has travelled over all over the continent, across deserts, through rainforests, along rivers and over mountains. He says:
"Always for me the exhilarating open scenery and the magnificent wildlife are a stunning back drop to the most vibrant and fascinating aspect of Africa - its people and their diverse, vibrant and resilient cultures."

As an award-winning photographer, Guy has also launched a photography website to showcase his excellent work, which can be accessed at

To find out more about the marvellous adventures that are possible in the countries that inspired his passion for photography, take a good look around

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